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Quicksand Gold sluice with Fluid Bed Recovery

Quicksand Gold sluice
Quicksand Gold sluice
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Product Description

Quicksand Gold Sluice utilizes Fluid Bed design to capture the super fine gold. testing units ran 1000lbs+ of material an hour. Producing 2 pans of super concentrates, which was ran thru the Quicksand Concentrator to upgrade into super super concentrates.

Runs with a 12v pump as a recirculator or a stand alone unit.

In the shop we built stands and splitters to run more material as a modular system. Small package with your material can run 1 ton an hour or 2 tons, depends on how many units are stacked.

Fluid Bed Recovery is not like a sluice box. Fluid Bed Recovery utilizes specific gravity and displacement for faster more accurate heavy mineral recovery

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