Quicksand Fluid Bed Concentrator for gold

Quicksand Fluid Bed  Concentrator for gold
1/2" to 1/8" screened gold bearing material, black sand, dredge concentrates, bank run or just old material that might have gold.

Self enriching displacement technology. Heavier particles replace the lighter material.

Almost no feed rate restrictions and doesn't have to be level.

Run multiple 5 gal buckets thru the Quicksand Concentrator and end up with a SUPER Concentrate of about 1/2 pan of material.

Quicksand Gold Sluice runs 1/8" material. Quicksand Gold Chamber runs 1/2" or smaller material fast and keeps the micron gold.

Months of field tests and independent people testing. Multiple design testing to achieve the best results in fluid bed recovery.

Vortex displacement with fluid cylinder field and an enriching chamber to get all the gold.

Linear Specific Gravity and Displacement for keeping the most gold the fastest.
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