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Proline Gold Dredge pumps and motors

Proline Motors
Proline manufactures one of the most comprehensive series of pumps in the small gold dredge industry. Proline gold dredge pumps are high performance centrifugal pumps designed specifically for operating Proline dredges and Proline Dual Purpose dredge, highbanker combo units. Proline pumps are first cast from high quality aluminum, then heat treated to T-6 hardness for years of service. Each part of the Proline pump is machined on computer controlled equipment to maintain the exact tolerances required for optimum performance. Proline pumps use 5 and 6 vane "aggressive bite" impellers with large intake throats to provide high volume with working pressures greater than that normally found on pumps of this type. The quality and performance of Proline pumps when coupled to Prolines jetting system offer outstanding vacuum power with very little service required for long life.

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