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Drop Riffle ABS Plastic Sluices

Drop Riffle sluices for the gold prospector who likes to travel light and get the gold others miss.

Drop Riffles in our sluices allow the gold to drop out of the fluid stream and stop. Gold is heavy and once it drops into the Drop Riffle it can not get out.

Proven performance from years in the field being used by miners.

G1 Concentrator by US Prospector
G2 Concentrator
S-1 Gold Finishing Sluice
Econo G Sluicebox by R.C.M. Ent.
Undercurrent River G Sluice
Drop Riffle Mini G Sluice Powersluice
G Sluice box  by R.C.M. Ent.
G Sluices Drop Riffle Sluicebox
1/4" bucket classifier
Econ Mini G Drop Riffle Sluice box
Drop Riffle ABS Plastic sluice systems
Sluice Boxes
G1 Concentrator by US Prospector
Recirculating power sluices
Recirculating power sluices
US Prospector
Sluice Boxes
Sluice Boxes
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